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Restorative Glass & Window Repair

Dealing with damaged or broken windows can be incredibly stressful. Malfunctioning windows can let in wind and rain, and replacement is often too expensive to even consider. Avoid additional expenses and unnecessary property damage with our glass and window repair service. Our knowledgeable repair staff will diagnose any issues with your windows and replace individual parts, saving you the hassle of a total window replacement.

Window Repair

At Window & Door Expert, we know the importance of properly functioning windows. That's why we offer comprehensive commercial and residential window repairs. Our experienced staff can replace a variety of malfunctioning parts including springs, operators, hinges, and locks. We have the skills and knowledge to repair a wide range of windows, including older awning windows.

Along with our general window repair, we also offer waterproofing and leak prevention. With a little help from our window repair specialists, you can keep your home warm and cozy even during the most extreme weather.

Glass Repair

Restore the security of your home or business with our glass repair services. Much like our window and door repair, this service allows you to maintain beautiful, safe surroundings. Repairs are available for a variety of glass styles, including single and double pane windows, impact glass, French doors, or storefronts. During our door and window glass replacement service, we measure and replace glass on-site for your convenience.